Do you have patents? HUH?

doooo we need them? Isn't crypto supposed to be free and open source?
Wednesday it is. Forgive me for my sin

pls recite 4 prayers to Mr. Merkle, "Thine savior Dear Ralph forgive me for you sins as you have forgiven humanity & shitcoiners for it's bastardaztion of your cryptography"

He is a crypto politician now. "I'm not being slippery" = yes I'm being slippery.

The world is starting to come to their senses lh.

Yeah, true. I still think some just want other stuff in their life. We all think different (about different cryptocurrencies). Some want surveillance systems, others like us want to protect our own privacy and in the mean time help others privacy. So I guess we should keep building, the right people will come to Monero.

guys, @pricelesscrypto needs backup to respond to the multiple mw shills that have taken up residence

Yeah, I'll try to be nicer since we ARE trying to take the high road...but yeah be careful, these trolls won't be fighting fair I'm sure. Don't feel obligated to join the fray, but I encourage anyone who feels up to the do so. An active community presence providing a steadfast bulwark against a tide of bullshit can do a surprising amount to undermine the effectiveness of said bullshit. Especially on the noobs who don't know better. People see a post like this one and don't see any dissenting comments? Well, some might take that as a sign of credibility. The "pro-ASIC" arguments especially have a lot of "common sense" appeal to your average cryptonaut...but of course fall apart under math/economic scrutiny. So let us protest/correct/call-out/inform! TO THE WALLS, BRETHREN.

magical crypto buddies sound better?

maybe link to r/monero. I gotta admit I'm sorta/kinda torn on whether this would help long term or not. New faces/members/voices are great...but too many chefs in the kitchen can be bad too. We are making HUGE strides recently, and I think a fair bit of that can be attributed to how much Monero flies under the radar for just HOW FAR AHEAD it is of other cryptos...

hmm, if only there was a crypto they could've used that wasn't completely trackable...
The Birth Of The CoronaCoin (NCOV): An ERC-20 Cryptocurrency ‘Backed’ By The Coronavirus

What's the crypto_bitlord twitter drama about?

whoever wrote the cryptonote whitepaper