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Addresses in order posted; following me...!




Beauty. Send when able!

I've sent/received, but gotta afk for now...will check back later to make sure all went well (message me if not!)

Oh no richard heart, say it ain't so:
Ş̶͝͞T̸̡͢͡ŕ͟i̵͘͝d̨͝é͟ŗ̵̀͡ 🦠

Why would he need a hazmat suite? He’s a robot, robots can’t get coronavirus

Appearances are everything


grats on first ring-mass btw :)

hang on I'm trying to find an article to go with this facemask cat...

The effects of bullying during childhood can carry on into adulthood and cause lifelong psychological damage, including anxiety, depression, social alienation, and trust issues. @googlefactss #psychology

Greeks use a semicolon in place of a question mark. @googlefactss #funfact