Bill Gates once released mosquitos into the audience while talking about malaria during a TED talk saying; "there's no reason only poor people should have to experience this." They made sure none of the mosquitoes had malaria before doing so. @googlefactss #celebs

Originally, Coca-Cola contained an estimated 9 milligrams of cocaine per glass. @googlefactss #funfact

Instructions for Monero Mass #MM75:Make sure you have a wallet with at least 0.042 xmr (+fees).The Church of Monero Pastor @lh1008 will coordinate a circle of trust in sequence. Stragglers will be led by @Corgidad.For example if we have 15 participants, Group 1 will go first with the first circle of 5, then Group 2 with the next circle of 5, then Group 3...The rules of the Ring Ritual are as follows:1. Do not type in chat if your circle of trust is not currently active.2. Make sure you have at least 0.042 xmr in your wallet to speed up the sending process. Best to use a fresh wallet to make sure you don't reveal any unnecessary information if we need to request your view key to verify you sent the Monero on to the next person.3. The order of the xmr being sent is the order of the groups, from top to bottom.4. When your circle of trust becomes active, paste in chat your deposit address only after the person before you has already pasted their address. (This is to keep the addresses in order with the list). Once all addresses in a circle of trust have been pasted, the first person will send xmr to the 2nd and confirm in chat when they have done so. Upon confirmation of the person before you, then you send on to the next person and confirm in chat after you have done so. 5. Any send confirmation issues will be verified with the use of the transaction ID. 6. Defectors who do not send xmr on and break the circle of trust will be blacklisted from the Church of Monero and added to a public list of defectors.Ring [email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Mass [email protected]

Hey everyone! Upcoming mass at 18:00 UTC this Sunday. Please repeat this phrase to register - "Monero Mass #MM76"

Monero Mass #MM76

yeah, maybe the it didn't show up 🤷🏻‍♂️

My phone was really slow when I was typing, not sure if that has anything to do.

Monero Mass #MM76