Misomaniac: A person who hates everyone and everything. @googlefactss #knowledge


legit thought that was elmo and cookie monster fist bumping

Congratulations to Prime Minister Abe of Japan, and the IOC, on their very wise decision to present the Olympics in 2021. It will be a great success, and I look forward to being there!

total lockdown here, should've bought more

Brain scans found that women are more responsive to romance after they've been fed – Food is the way to a woman's heart, as well. @googlefactss #women


Turkeys may attack or attempt to dominate humans that they see as inferior. @googlefactss #animals

😷❤️🙏🏻 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/26/this-really-hurts-man-shares-covid-19-experience-in-video
🙏🏻 https://v.ylilauta.org/04/ca5f6005.mp4