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The food in Alcatraz prison was actually so good, the staff and prisoners ate the same meals. The warden believed most of the trouble in prisons were caused by bad food. @googlefactss #funfact

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Credit where it's due, he DID prevent the spread of it. https://kenya-today.co.ke/2020/03/19/59-people-die-as-pastor-gives-them-dettol-to-drink-in-church-to-prevent-coronavirus/

Americans should really get to know the existence of a bidet faucet.

Good lord that link

$17.99 at Walmart. And gets your orifice clean.

wouuu, even the link is Long, the sellersid tracker ending is EVEN MORE LONGER 😮

Not shilling Walmart. Link deleted.

https://www.walmart.com/ip/253956884 shortened the link for you

Thank you. 👍😂 they have a lot of these in Asia.


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partying in quarantine be like

Marijuana today contains more than four times the THC it did 30 years ago. Researchers studied more than 38,600 samples of illegal marijuana seized by the DEA over 20 years and found that the level of THC rose from about 4 percent in 1995 to about 12 percent in 2014. @googlefactss #marijuana